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Why I’m Running

This campaign is going to be about protecting the voices in our district.  

I know we can protect our beaches without interfering in the economics of tourism.  I know we can rebuild our infrastructure without raising taxes.  I know we can lower health insurance premiums while expanding the affordability and quality of care.  And, most of all I know we can provide the very best public education in the world by putting parents and teachers in charge.

Top Priorities

Economy & Jobs

Now is the time to revive and bolster our local economy by lowering taxes, cutting regulations, and promoting vocational and skills training to help displaced workers find new jobs.

Environment & Water Quality

From tourism to quality of life, we must preserve and protect our pristine beaches, protect our water quality, and be good stewards of our environment.


The key to a successful future is having access to a good quality education. We’ll provide students with world-class public education by putting parents and teachers in charge.


From roads to bridges, we must invest in our aging infrastructure in order to provide the safety and scalability needed to meet the demands of our citizens.


We must act to lower health insurance premiums and expand affordability and quality of care from pregnancy to end of life.

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